AR.VR.3D interactive playing & learning sets( NO.:B15801 )

APP Introduction

App of Dr.B:


Focuses on AR.VR.3D Interactive playing & learning.


Basing on AR technological development, this distinctive early education works acts as a global advocator of 5 in 1, amusement:(1)kids drawing(2)AR,3D(3)3D face-changing fun,(4)photo to share (5)interactive games.It is a perfect combination of early education and high techno- logy,kids can enjoy fresh experience by drawing & gaming.


Paint favorite colors on the animal,use the App to scan it and display a 3D animal with sound and explanation.


A kid can learn more of animals and can photo his own face to replace the face of the animal so as to enjoy the 3D face-changing fun,or take photos with his works and share with friends.And then the unparalleled animal painted(face changed or unchanged)by the kid can be moved into the game scene to join the interactive game—-It is PLAY TO LEARN.


Steps to play:


1.AR mode:paint your favorite colors on the animal,then use your tablet (App downloaded),and click “Start”to scan it,colorful animal shows on your tablet screen and then you can interact with it.(For unactivated user,please visit to download for experience).


2.After scanning,you can choose to enjoy:①playing with AR model②3D face-changing fun③take VR photos with everything④playing the game ⑤introduction of the animal.


Kids will enjoy wonderful experience by this 3D interactive face changing fun!


“Play To Learn”——————— we like!


Drawings download

Drawings download